Why should daycare parents read toddler development blogs? Whether your child is ready for their first early learning experience or they started daycare as an infant, take a look at why's and what's of reading blogs that provide parent advice about toddler development.

Why Should You Read Blogs?

There isn't one reason to read a child development or toddler-focused blog. As a parent of a young child, you get information from different sources. These include books, your child's daycare teachers, other parents, the media, the pediatrician, and online sources such as blogs. 

If you're new to child development-focused blogs or are a first-time parent, the reasons to consider reading one of these online info options include:

  • Learn about child care. What should you look for in a center? What should you expect from the early learning environment? How can a quality program help your toddler to develop? Center-focused blogs can help you to answer these questions.
  • Learn about general toddler development. Are you looking for more information on major cognitive, social, emotional, language, or motor milestones? A blog can provide lists or descriptions that point out developmental steps to watch for.
  • Learn about specific toddler development issues. Do you have concerns about your child's language development? Does your two-year-old hit or bite at daycare? A blog can help you to learn more about specific issues and toddler behavior.

Along with learning, development, and daycare-related questions, a toddler blog can help parents to find a new community. From personal stories about raising a toddler to Q and A's, these types of blogs can help you to feel a connection to other parents.

What Toddler Blogs Should You Read?

All blogs are not equal. Anyone can start a blog and create content. This doesn't mean the author of the blog is a child development expert, works in an early education environment, has experience parenting, or is even a parent. This makes it important to choose the blogs you read wisely. A high-quality blog about toddler development should:

  • Come from a trusted source. Read the "About" information to learn more about the blogger's background. If you're not sure what to look for, choose blogs that your child's daycare center, pediatrician, a university, or other authoritative source creates.
  • Have credible information. A blog shouldn't create its own milestones or manufacture its own information about childhood development. 
  • Have a positive feel. Does the blog uplift you or make you feel better about parenting? If it has a snarky tone or makes you feel like you're a failure, keep searching.

If your child is already in daycare, talk to their teacher about the best blogs for parents to read about toddler development. Again, this could include the center's blog. The educator may also have their own blog or know of high-quality, authoritative online sources.