Although your child might be excited about summer break, you might not share their enthusiasm. As a working professional, you know that you need to find a child care center that provides a nurturing environment for your children.

Here are some features to consider when selecting a daycare option for your child this summer:


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) has become increasingly important in our rapidly progressing economy. Even though your child might be a long way from entering a STEM profession, it's never too early to stoke their curiosity about these disciplines. Many child care centers provide daily, weekly, or monthly child care options that also provide STEM activities.

  • Coding: Creating apps and becoming fluent in "computer language" is fun for children. It also provides them with a way to understand the technology they likely use every day. If your child doesn't want to put down their tablet (or your smartphone) a coding camp is likely to appeal to them.
  • Experiments: Children are experiential learners, they want to put their hands on things. Many child care centers will offer science camps that focus on providing scientific experiments that range from creating a model volcano to studying electromagnetism. If your child interested in understand how stuff works, these camps will be perfect for them.

STEM-based child care services take many varieties and forms, but they just might be a great educational option for your child this summer.


One of the latests trends in summer child care, is providing access to local attractions. This form of "local tourism" gives children the chance to experience local and regional wonders that parents might not have the time to show them.

  • Tours: From ghost tours to touring important local/regional landmarks, many child care centers can give children exciting and informative experiences that increase their knowledge and appreciation of history. Most child care centers offering these tours also negotiate discounted rates, allowing your child have these experiences at inexpensively.
  • Theme Parks: Although your child might love visiting your local theme parks, you might not. Many child care centers will include a weekly visit to a local theme park as part of the cost of the child care they provide. These thrilling experiences for your child, might also spare you from the long summer lines that clog these parks on busy summer weekends.

Giving your child access to quality care this summer is important. These tips can help you narrow down your decision. For more information, contact establishments like Carousel Of Learning Pre-School & Nursery.