Choosing after school child care is just as important as deciding on a babysitter or even a school. Here are seven questions to ask a potential after school child care facility. 

What are the Staff Qualifications? 

You will want to know where the child care center finds its staff and just what is required for the job. If your children are older, one adult with some teenage helpers might be a great fit. If your kids are small, you will probably want more adult staff members with experience and education in child care. 

Is the Staff CPR and First Aid Certified?

 Anyone who cares for children, including your babysitter, should be certified in CPR and First Aid. Find out if this is required of the staff at your child's care facility. 

Are Activities Structured? 

Will your kids be participating in games and activities that have been planned in advance, or will they be let loose in a gym or playground to do as they choose? 

Depending on your child's personality, either style could be a good fit. The best child care programs will have a combination of structured fun and free play. 

What Aged Children are Playing Together? 

Find out if your child care provider separates children by age. Mixing ages can be positive for everyone involved as older kids learn leadership skills and younger kids are made to feel more independent, However, more supervision is required when kids of all ages are playing together. 

What is the Discipline Policy? 

It's best if you can see a written discipline procedure that is followed by all staff members. Be wary of a facility that has no structure and simply makes discipline decisions as situations occur. You and your child deserve to know what happens when rules are broken. 

Is Homework Help Provided?

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do at the end of the night is fight the homework wars. Kids will be tired at the end of the day, too, and may not be able to focus. It will help to find an after school care facility that provides scheduled time for homework and help if it is needed. 

How is Security Handled? 

Modern child care facilities should have a security procedure in place. It might be a pain to have to sign your child in and out, but it is for the benefit and safety of all the children in the facility. Find out what kind of policies are in place that work to keep your child safe and accounted for at all times. 

There is huge peace of mind in knowing that your child is happy and cared for while you are at work or away. You can find a child care facility that will nurture and protect your child while providing fun activities and great experiences. 

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